Dr Yamen Khazne

Dr Yamen Khazne

Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Montreal, Dr Khazne obtains his doctorate in 2019, and thus has the most up-to-date training. Emphatic,  patient and always listening to his patients to serve them better and to offer everyone a personalized service whit high quality and to make your dental visit as pleasant as possible.
Dr Khazne holds a DEC in Dental Hygiene from Maisonneuve College, which allows him to have a very gentle and prevention-based approach. He enriches his knowledge by constantly undergoing continuous training in various aspects of dentistry, including endodontics and orthodontics.


  • Ph.D. in Dentistry, University of Montreal 2019
  • College degree in Dental Hygiene Technology : Maisonneuve College,  Montreal

Acquired training

  • Oral surgery for the general practitioner, Boston University, october 2019
  • Invisalign Fundamental Align Technology, Montreal, november 2019
  • Orthodontics with Invisalign technology, Longueuil Dental Academy, 2020
  • Advanced Endodontics Program, IDI, november 2020
  • Confection of night guards, diagnosis and treatment, Longueuil Dental Academy, 2021

In progress

  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, 3-Years Program, IDI
  • Orthodontics Study Circle, Longueuil Dental Academy